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How Important is a Smile?

The importance of a white and healthy smile.

This is our list of the Top Ten Reasons why your smile and the health and look of your teeth is important!

10. More than half of singles ranked teeth as the most important characteristic about a potential date in a survey of 5,500 unattached people by

9. A study has shown that the state of women’s teeth is used to judge their age and fertility

8. Your smile is the first thing people see when they meet you. It’s vital to the first impression you make. Healthy, white teeth are the best accessory you can wear

7. According to research by the Children’s Dental Health Project (CDHP), dental preventive care now can pay significant dividends down the road

6. Tooth and gum disease can have effects that go far beyond discolored teeth, discomfort or bad breath. Extensive research has shown that the bacteria that flourish in an unhealthy mouth can harm the rest of the body, leading to heart disease, diabetes and respiratory illness

5. 99.7% of adults believe a great smile is an important social asset

4. White teeth are proven to boost personal confidence leading to less fear of smiling in photographs and laughing with friends

3. Research has found that happy, smiling people may thrive better in the workplace and in relationships

2. According to a number of studies, simply making the effort to smile (and bear it!) can improve your mood instantly

1. Smiles are contagious, so make use of them and take care of your teeth!

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