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Family Dentistry

We are recognized as one of the best dental offices in New Jersey for family dentistry.

General Dentistry

Our patients know us best for providing general dentistry for families. This includes routine preventative dental care, for things such as cavities, tooth pain, and regular cleanings.

This also includes work such as bridges, crowns, retainers, mouth guards, root canals, and bonding.

Most of our patients have been coming to us for 10 years or more, and that speaks volumes to how much we care about the quality of our work.

Hygiene & Exams

During your twice-yearly check up at the office, your dentist and hygienist will perform a full dental examination and oral hygiene cleaning. Your dental team can ensure the overall health of your mouth, gums, and teeth.

You can expect the following out of the exam. First, the dentist will check your face, neck and inside of your mouth for any abnormalities, such as lumps, bumps or swelling. Our dentists will also perform an oral cancer screening and will check your bite and your jaw joint for any problems.

Next, your dentist will check your gums and jawbone for signs of gingivitis, gum disease and bone disease. Dental x-rays may be used to examine areas not visible to the naked eye. Finally, the dentist will examine your teeth for cavities and other problems, and will be sure to look specifically at any areas where you have symptoms or concerns.

During the cleaning portion of your appointment, your dentist or hygienist will remove plaque or tartar buildup around the gum line. Then, he or she will use a powerful electric brush and a slightly gritty toothpaste to deep clean your teeth. You will also have an expert flossing session.

Oral Cancer Screenings & Gum Health

In addition to general dental hygiene, our team examines your entire mouth, tongue, and gums as part of a routine check-up and cleaning. Catching oral cancer is much easier for a dentist, and we even offer swab testing to biopsy the unknown threats to get them sampled and tested. Gum health is another area in which we specialize in, from gingivitis to receding gum lines, we will set you back on a corrective course of action to ensure your long term health.


Cavities are essentially holes in your teeth caused by decay. The main culprits for your cavity are certain types of bacteria in your mouth, which live in the plaque. They interact with the carbohydrates and sugars in your food, creating an acidic environment that dissolves the protective outer enamel of your tooth.

Once the acid has eroded the enamel, your dentin is exposed, which will ultimately cause the formation of a cavity. At this point, the decay proceeds more rapidly and spreads deeper into the tooth.

A filling is necessary to treat your cavity because if left untreated the decay will eventually grow and will enter into your nerve canal. And yes, this can be as painful as it sounds. It can also lead to more serious problems such as infection, abscess or even tooth loss. All of these issues will result in pain and expensive dental treatments, so it’s better to simply get a filling straight away!

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