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Why is it Important to Invest in Your Smile?

The value of a great smile is priceless (and healthy).

They say laughter is contagious; but in fact, it is being around someone with a beautiful smile that is infectious. Carrying a bright smile creates a welcoming and warm impression of the person, and everyone easily connects with them. The main asset behind a smile is a healthy set of teeth.

This is why investing in your smile, and mainly your teeth, leads to a profitable outcome – a boost in confidence and good health. It also ensures minimal tooth damage and hence, saving future dental expenses. So if you are debating on making that dental appointment or skipping on it, you need to understand the reasons for making the right decision for your smile.

Health Investment

Brushing, flossing, using a mouthwash and visiting the dentist regularly will aid in avoiding plaque build-up on your teeth. And if you don’t care for your teeth, plaque on the teeth will create cavities, gum diseases, and bad breath. This may be the main reason given to you by every dentist for you to take care of your teeth. But what is more to it is that that you will actually be taking care of your body when your teeth are strong. Having a good habit of oral hygiene will lead to an overall good health and one tends to reduce the chances of getting sick. Harmful bacteria festering in the mouth is carried to other parts of the body via the bloodstream, which have led to the symptoms of diabetes, heart attacks, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. gum diseases are studied to be strongly linked to heart diseases, as 91% of the people with heart disease in the US have gum disease. Your mouth is the gateway to your internal body, so keeping your mouth healthy will lead to good overall health.

To Avoid Daily Tooth Damage

Your teeth undergo daily damage in the form of stains, enamel loss, and plaque buildup, leading to a damage to your smile. Stains, bleeding gums, and structural damage arise without lack of care. A daily tooth care routine leads to a strong health of your mouth, and scheduling regular cleaning with the dentist is a part of keeping teeth healthy.

Invest for Your Confidence

A person with bad teeth is always conscious to smile in front of people or the camera. A job interview, a first date, a class reunion, or a wedding, requires a beautiful smile. But when you smile more, you will live a better life, as it leads to psychological positivity and happiness. With a bright smile, a person’s life is transformed for the best. A dentist can correct straightened teeth, and restore stained or yellowed teeth, and you can gain a high level of confidence.

It is a Savings Investment

Did you know investing in your smile is actually a method of saving? You are saving up on future dental costs, and necessary teeth care. When you don’t practice on oral care or visit the dentist on regular basis, you will end up with tooth problems, which will cost way more! Waiting to invest in your teeth will lead to money being spent on crowns, braces, bridges, or full dentures. It will be difficult to pay for those procedures than it would for a twice a year simple teeth cleaning with your dentist as restorative dental work is more expansive.

An Investment for Avoiding Bad Breath

Just like unclean and unkempt teeth are a major turn off, bad breath is a big deal breaker. A great first impression comes from a good smile and fresh breath. Taking a mint before the first date or job interview may be a temporary solution, but you need a permanent one for persistent bad breath, or halitosis. This is caused by poor oral hygiene, unclean dentures, periodontal disease, throat infections, or oral carcinomas, and will only go away with regular dental checkups and healthy oral hygiene practices.

When Should you Invest in your Smile?

The right time to invest in your smile is now! This wont just include brushing your teeth properly with a powerful toothbrush and quality toothpaste, but also scheduling an appointment with your dentist. If it has been too long since you last went to the dentist, don’t worry. We, at the Dr. Steven Markowitz DDS dental clinic, are here to get your healthy teeth back on track.

A poor oral health will impact your life in different ways. A healthy mouth speaks a lot about you, as it has a surprisingly significant impact on the way others will perceive you. It can affect your romantic relationships and careers due to any misassumptions about your overall hygiene and health. Therefore, a healthy mouth will invite a positive life for you.

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